Music Flash Cards Pro is now available on the Android platform! Just search the Android market for “Music Flash Cards” or “MusEd Mobile”.

Music Flash Cards Pro features:

– Staff Flash Cards with Clef, Accidental and Range selection
– Staff Flash Card quiz with same selection controls
– Note Name Flash Cards with Major/Minor Scale and Accidental selection
– Auto-Switch Timer with sliding speed control

Music Flash Cards Pro is a great tool for learning and teaching sight-reading, and is also an invaluable tool for drilling note positions on any instrument!

Check out the screenshots below and enjoy!


This newest version features a (hopefully) much more pleasing look and user interface. On top of a cosmetic face lift, we’ve added a range selection function for the staff card mode!

A new version is up! This version includes staff flash cards with options for bass/treble clefs and toggles for sharps, flats and naturals! We’ll be the first to admit it’s not pretty, but it definitely works and is definitely useful! Expect a significant face lift in the next little bit…

A new update with support for major and minor scales is up!

The update is up!

We’ve added landscape mode and an Auto-Switch mode with speed control.

Our next upgrade will include some great new features to be announced soon.

We’re currently working on a feature update for the Music Flash Cards app. The updated version will include at the very least:

– Landscape Mode Support
– Automatic timed card switch option with slider adjustment

If you have any more suggestions please let us know!

It’s live! The first of many music education mobile apps for Android is now available on the Android market. Here are the specs:

– Randomly displays a flash card labeled with one of the 12 pitches
– You can toggle sharps, flats and naturals from the menu
– Future updates will include chords and scales

For right now the app only supports portrait mode, to save music stand real estate, and closes when you open the keyboard to facilitate fast switching back to texting and web surfing. Based on user feedback that functionality might change.